I see rallies all around for women empowerment with some so called feminist shout for women empowerment, gender equality, safety for women and some never ending list of women centred topics. I have never heard someone saying that a bad human tortured the good one, a bad human raped a bad human or we need to bring down the bad human beings and bring them equal to the good one.

My mom taught me that society is divided into two kind of human beings but as I grew up, I came to know that the distinction here is not about the good and the bad but it is male and female, boy and girl, men and women.


We talk about crime against women by men but who will discuss the crimes against women by women or crimes against men and women. “All men are not dogs and all women are not angels.” There are men being tortured by women and women being tortured by women and we just can not ignore these cases. In order to bring equality, some people have bent so much towards empowering women that they have become pro-women rather than to bring equality. Rather than bringing the spoiled male section down from their wrong doings, they encourage the unspoiled section to do it.

Drinking and smoking is injurious to health for both men and women. Rather than campaigning to stop those who do, they encourage other to smoke and drink just for the sake of so called equality. We do not kill in revenge of a kill, instead we go to court for justice.

FullSizeRender 5

To correct the notion of a male dominated society, I want to say that it is a society which is dominated by humans who earn more money than others. A house worker is given less value  because he/she does not earn money, not because she is a female or male. Once we find a method to evaluate the services of a house husband/wife into money, the house worker will be valued.

I request you all to bring equality rather than trying to shift the power between genders.



  1. Bro well written in the blog!!!Nice to see ur effort…In addition” Need of hour is not only creating women empowerment but is to provide equality b/w men and women ….Although the medium that is being used is empowering only women gender;male view should be also be in consideration….Hence if both the genders wants to enjoy the best taste of their life;can be achieved if both the genders respect each other and dont consider other gender inferior or themselves superior”….Rest apart this is a long discussion; A little effort from urside will definatly be fruitful…If each contribute a small part it will hasten the process of gender equality..

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  2. Really liked ur article as this is need of the hour. Being appreciated for taking an action on such an evils spoiling the whole society. Both men and women need to change to make a society safe for all.

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  3. Peshal, 👍 well done. Loved the topic you picked. Loved the last para where you told that our society is dominated by rich. Totally agree with the graph. You had seriously put some thought into it.
    Just keep going.

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